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Since 1999, SaharaTrek has been providing superior, all-private tours of Morocco using top riads, all at unbeatable prices. We’re so confident in our tours, we want you to compare our prices and services with the competition. Your wallet will thank you.

Number of Days:

The days you are on the ground in Morocco, excluding flight time to and from Morocco. Unfortunately, some companies add flight time to the number of days in the itinerary, making it seem you’re getting more time experiencing Morocco when you’re actually not.

Private Tour:

Fez guide showing the city of FezEmbarking on a private tour offers a multitude of advantages that starkly contrast with the potential drawbacks of a group tour. Personalized attention takes center stage with a private tour, allowing for an experience meticulously crafted to suit individual tastes and preferences. The flexibility to dictate your own schedule and itinerary ensures freedom from the constraints of rigid group agendas, fostering a more relaxed and spontaneous exploration. The intimacy of a private tour cultivates a deeper connection with chosen companions, promoting a shared experience devoid of the impersonal nature often associated with larger groups of strangers on a 40-person bus.

On the flip side, group tours may entail compromises in terms of individual preferences and pacing, leading to a less immersive and tailored adventure. Moreover, navigating crowded attractions and adhering to preset schedules can diminish the overall quality of the experience. Opting for a private tour not only grants exclusive access to hidden gems but also guarantees a more comfortable and private journey, amplifying the joy of exploration while steering clear of the potential pitfalls associated with group travel.

On-Demand Departures:

Choosing on-demand tour departures offers a liberating departure from the constraints of set-date group tours. With on-demand options, travelers revel in the freedom to embark on their adventure at a time that suits their schedule, bypassing the limitations imposed by fixed dates. This flexibility ensures that individuals can tailor their travel experiences to align seamlessly with personal preferences and availability.

On the contrary, set-date group tours might pose challenges for those with rigid schedules, potentially causing conflicts and missed opportunities. On-demand departures eliminate the stress associated with adhering to a predetermined calendar and allow for more intimate exploration, free from the constraints of large group dynamics. While group tours on set dates may offer structured itineraries, they can lack the personalized touch and adaptability that come with on-demand departures. Opting for the latter ensures that the journey is as unique as the traveler, catering to individual needs without compromising on the quality of the experience.

Customizable Itineraries:

Embracing a customizable tour itinerary opens up a world of travel tailored to personal preferences and desires. The flexibility to shape the journey according to individual tastes allows for a truly unique and immersive experience. Unlike fixed tour itineraries, which may adhere to a one-size-fits-all approach, customization ensures that each traveler’s specific interests are prioritized.

However, fixed itineraries can be restrictive, potentially overlooking personal preferences and limiting spontaneous exploration. Customizable tours empower travelers to chart their own course, savoring the freedom to delve into hidden gems or linger longer at cherished locations. While fixed itineraries may offer structure, the trade-off often lies in a lack of adaptability. Opting for a customizable tour guarantees a more personal, fulfilling, and uniquely crafted adventure.

Nights in Riads:

Luxury Riad Room in MoroccoChoosing to stay in a Moroccan riad presents a captivating departure from the conventional experience offered by tourist hotels. Their traditional architecture and intimate settings give Riads an authentic immersion into Moroccan culture. Unlike large, impersonal hotels, riads often offer a more personalized and charming atmosphere, allowing guests to connect with the local ambiance.

While convenient, tourist hotels can lack the cultural richness and individualized attention that riads effortlessly provide. The homely charm of a riad, often nestled in the heart of historic neighborhoods, enhances the overall stay, offering a genuine taste of Moroccan hospitality. While tourist hotels may offer standard amenities, the unique allure and cultural authenticity found in a riad create an unparalleled and memorable experience for those seeking a more intimate connection with Morocco’s vibrant heritage.


Morocco FoodOpting for a Moroccan vacation with a limited number of included meals brings a delightful sense of culinary freedom and exploration. This approach allows travelers to savor the diverse and rich local food scene at their own pace, discovering hidden gems and authentic eateries that align with their tastes.

Group tours with preset restaurants and meals can limit the gastronomic experience, offering a standardized menu that may not cater to individual preferences. The flexibility of fewer included meals encourages spontaneous culinary adventures, providing a more authentic taste of Morocco’s vibrant cuisine. While group tours offer convenience, the freedom to choose where and what to eat during a Moroccan vacation with a limited number of prearranged meals adds an extra layer of personalization and culinary discovery to the travel experience.


Opting for a private tour in Morocco offers the distinct advantage of swift and flexible movement, allowing travelers to cover more ground and explore a diverse array of destinations at an efficient pace. The agility of a private tour contrasts sharply with the logistical challenges inherent in large group tours, where the sheer size of the group can slow down the itinerary.

With a private tour, one can maximize their time, seamlessly transitioning from one enchanting locale to the next, capturing the essence of Morocco’s varied landscapes and cultural wonders without the constraints of a cumbersome group. This nimble and personalized approach ensures a more dynamic and fulfilling travel experience, marked by the freedom to see and savor more destinations within the captivating tapestry of Morocco.

Compare for Yourself:

Don’t settle for the ordinary—elevate your Moroccan adventure with SaharaTrek! Dare to compare our tours to the competition and witness firsthand why SaharaTrek stands head and shoulders above the rest. From personalized itineraries to unmatched flexibility and attention to detail, we pride ourselves on delivering an extraordinary travel experience. Take the challenge, explore the differences, and discover why SaharaTrek is the discerning traveler’s ultimate choice. Your journey to the extraordinary begins with a simple comparison—see for yourself why SaharaTrek is the unrivaled option for your Moroccan exploration. Your adventure, your choice, SaharaTrek awaits!

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