One of the most unique and culturally immersive experiences you can have in Morocco is visiting a traditional hammamMoroccan Hammam, or public bathhouse.

Hammams have been an integral part of Moroccan life for centuries, serving as communal spaces for cleansing and relaxation.
Stepping into a hammam is like taking a step back in time. The intricately tiled buildings are designed around three principal rooms – the cool room to undress, the hot, humid room for sweating, and the massage room. As you move through the different chambers, the experience envelops all your senses.

The process begins in the hot room, where you will sweat profusely from the intense steam heat as water is splashed onto the tiled floors and walls. Massage in a HammamUsing the traditional black soap and coarse glove, you’ll exfoliate away dead skin cells in preparation for a vigorous full-body massage. The masseuse’s deft hands will pummel and knead your body, increasing blood flow and leaving you utterly relaxed.

After the massage, you’ll rinse off in the cool room, emerging refreshed and Brand New from this ancient cleansing ritual. Many hammams have additional services like clay masks, herbal treatments, and hair treatments to further the pampering experience.

While the hammam is an indulgent personal ritual, it’s also a social gathering place. You may find yourself amid whole families, groups of women visiting together, or men’s only sessions. Don’t be intimidated – the friendly attendants will guide you through every step.

For the complete cultural immersion, SaharaTrek will book you an afternoon at a top-rated hammam. After a day of adventure, it’s a welcome bit of rest and recovery.

Whether you visit for an hour or spend an entire day, experiencing a traditional Moroccan hammam allows you to participate in a ritual that has transcended generations. Leave every ounce of stress behind and embrace this extraordinary treatment’s warmth, aromatics, and purification.

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